Pyramid/Triangle Sinkers


"The Best Moving Water Sinkers"

Pyramid sinkers are very good in moving water because of the large proportion of holding power to weight ratio. Just look at that large triangle (all holding power). In sandy or muddy bottoms that large triangle also prevents the sinker from rolling. We have some big friends that use the giant 3 sided pyramid sinkers (8oz and larger) to cast into a "honey hole" way out in the Columbia River using a three way swivel. The sinker is on a leader just strong enough to do its sinking and holding job. When a salmon or sturgeon takes the bait, the leader is broken and the main line is free to fight the fish. In fast, deep rivers, these gigantic pyramids stay where you want them.

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Mold Style
Cavities/Size Inserts Price
4ea. 1oz BSE-2 49.95
4ea. 2oz BSE-2 49.95
4ea. 3oz BSE-2 49.95
4ea. 4oz BSE-2 49.95
4ea. 6oz BSE-2 49.95
1ea. 1-2-4-6oz BSE-2 49.95
2ea. 8oz BSE-3 49.95
2ea. 10oz BSE-3 49.95
2ea. 12oz BSE-3 OUT OF STOCK
1ea. 16-20oz BSE-3 49.95
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