Banana Spin Sinker Molds

"All About Mooching "

One effective fishing technique our fore fathers gave us is mooching. Today's technology has increased effectiveness, but using mother nature's currents, winds, and wave action to cover more
water for location and give action to our baits through movement is one of the most effective ways to fish. The basic rig is an inline weight with a chain or swivel between the weight and leader. Leaders, typically about 36" long, have two hooks to harness either a whole bait or a cut plug. Usually the banana spin, torpedo, or ring sinkers are used for mooching. The amount of line you have between your rod and bait and the size of weight help to determine depth while wind, current, and wave action do the rest.

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Mold Style
Cavities/Size Wire/Insert Price
1ea. 1oz
1ea. 1 1/2oz
1ea. 2oz
1ea. 2 1/2oz
1ea. 3oz
1BSSWire or BSE-1
1 1/2BSSWire or BSE-1
2BSSWire or BSE-1
2 1/2-3BSSWire or BSE-1
2 1/2-3BSSWire or BSE-1
1ea. 3 1/2oz
1ea. 4oz
1ea. 4 1/2oz
1ea. 5oz
3 1/2 BSSWire or BSE-1 49.95
1ea. 8oz
1ea. 10oz
1ea. 12oz
BSE-1 49.95
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