Hilts Molds is Back!

Dolphin Sports, Inc. is proud to bring Hilts Molds back to the fishing tackle world in a big way! We have purchased the business and are producing the same high quality jig and sinker molds that Roy Hilts made famous. Fishermen everywhere know the Hilts name stands for quality fishing tackle products, and we're committed to continuing that tradition.

Inside the Hilts Molds web site, you'll find features including our downloadable catalog, online store, customer photos, and much more! We've brought back all of your old favorite molds-proven sinkers and jigs that really work. There's a wide selection of wires, hooks, accessories, and fishing tackle making tools available for your convenience. The lineup will continue to expand to meet the needs of today's fisherman- if there's something you'd like to see us carry, let us know about it!

2011 is here, and there are exciting things happening with Hilts Molds, including new products & improvements to old ones. Be sure to download our latest catalog for details!

Making your own tackle is a rewarding and economical activity. Keep it fun by handling all mold materials and tools safely. Be sure to review our mold instructions and safety notices to obtain best results.

Thank you, and good tackle making!
Michael R. Ford, CEO
Dolphin Sports, Inc.


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